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Equipped with powerful brushless motors the GroundRig UGV is suited for a variety of cameras and uses. Via a powerful FPV video transmitter system, the operator is able to get real time video feedback to a ground station monitor located on the transmitter. The standard radio control (Tx) transmitter allows operation of the UGV up to 400 yds away. With an optional booster we can increase range up to 1 mile LOS (line of sight).




A few examples of practical use:

Wildlife videography/photography
Ground inspections of gas pipes
Remote inspections of radioactive elements/places
Cinematography (get angles that would be impossible to get with a regular car or dolly)
Search and Rescue
Sports photography (chasing motorcycles, car racing, etc)


Our GroundRig Medium is compatible with a variety of cameras: BlackMagic Cinema Pocket, BlackMagic Micro Cinema, Sony NEX, Olympus Pen, Sony A7s (with ballast on roll axis) and other similar cameras.


Features and specs:


*3 Axis gimbal stabilization with 32bit controller. Follow mode enabled on pan axis.
*Spektrum DX8 transmitter. Controls both, gimbal and UGV
*800mW FPV video Tx with high gain antennas
*38+mph travel speed (w/payload)
*Full gimbal control from pilot transmitter (dual operation is available using an optional second transmitter for gimbal control)
*1/8 scale
*Rugged construction
*7″ LCD monitor
*Compatible with most mini DSLR cameras and FLIR systems.


Included items:
-ProvidentialSystems GroundRig buggy
-Spektrum DX8 2.4GHz transmitter radio control
-RMRC 800mW 900MHz FPV system (tx/rx)
-Sony FPV camera
-High gain FPV antennas
-2mW TX amplifier with high dBi antennas
-4x 4600mAh lipo batteries
-Prophet Li-Po battery charger
-3 axis brushless gimbal with high quality 32bit controller
-7″ LCD monitor
-Batteries for FPV components
User manuals and video tutorials provided by Providential Systems


Warranty: Providential Systems GroundRig comes with 6 months warranty from the time of delivery against all defects of production. *Our warranty also covers malfunction of equipment while in operation.


Shipping: Free expedited shipping to the lower 48 states.

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